Stains – Made by CYKO – Developed by TT’s Timbers

The stains produced and developed by CYKO / TT’s Timbers are available in 14 different varieties, with more traditional shades such as our Oak colours, to more bold shades like our CYKO Orange.

The spectrum we have to offer can be seen below, and can be purchased from either eBay or Amazon.

You are also more than welcome to call us direct to make an order!
Just give us a call and we can take your order information, and go from there.

This shows the different volumes of our Spirit based stain available. They come as follows:

65ml sample


500ml with an anti drip spray applicator

500ml without an anti drip spray applicator

As you can see, some of the wood is shiny. We have applied some varnish to show the finish after varnishing.

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